TAIYUAN -- The ancient town of Pingyao has decided to ban all businesses selling foods that have a strong smell, as an effort to improve its environment.The government of Pingyao county in North China's Shanxi province has ordered that all eateries selling food such as stinky tofu and barbecue should close down between May 5 and 10. Businesses that disobey the order will be shut down and fined.Pingyao ancient town has a history of 2,800 years. It became a UNESCO world cultural heritage site in December 1997.The county received nearly 13 million visits by tourists last year receiving ticket proceeds of 153 million yuan ($24 million).Local authorities have received complaints from tourists about the disturbing smell of certain foods in the town."The foods are against the ancient town's style as a tourist site, and we will improve the image of the town with such an effort," said Wang Jianren, head of the county market and quality supervisory bureau. wristband maker
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